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Your KEY To A Termite Free Home!

Our four-step control plan provides year-round protection for your home. 
1.  Free Inspection
The first step in creating a termite treatment plan is to perform a thorough inspection of your home for activity.
Primary items that will be checked during this inspection include:
Basement and/or crawlspace
Foundation and home perimeter
Other common risk areas

2.  Develop a Plan
This treatment plan will be designed to target any existing termite issues while preventing future problems.

3.  Active Protection
To eliminate any existing colonies and provide protection from future infestations, a series of bait stations -OR- the application of a liquid barrier is applied around the home’s perimeter. 

4.  Annual Inspections
To maintain your home’s protection and assurance that the plan is working correctly, an annual inspection will be performed, providing any adjusts necessary. If you see termites or signs of activity within that treatment year, give us a call -  we will provide a re-inspection and treat!

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