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The creepiest of all pests...bed bugs!  Easy to get.  Harder to get rid of!

How Bed Bug Infestations Occur

Despite common belief, bed bugs are rarely an effect of poor hygiene or cleanliness. The leading cause of bed bug infestations is when a person, or their belongings, comes in contact with an existing bed bug habitat.

Hotels and airlines, in particular, allow for the frequent transfer of bed bugs through clothing, luggage, skin and hair.

Signs of a Bed Bug Problem

While bed bugs are visible to the human eye, they can be difficult to detect - since they only feed at night. This is why they are often found in beds, allowing them to feed in a warm, carbon dioxide-filled environment.

Signs of a problem include dried blood on or around furniture, rust-colored marks on fabric or walls, musty odors and itchy spots on the skin.

Our Solution

With years of training and expertise, we are able to create a customized bed bug solution specific to your home.

 We provide a thorough inspection, remove visible bugs through a vacuuming process and treat problem areas with a fast, non-toxic, Biopesticide, with a 30-day guarantee.

 If the problem persists, we provide further servicing at no additional cost.

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